Our Winners

Since we have contests. There has to be a person who wins. And who ever wins gets to be put in here. The " Winner's Picks". When some one wins a contest the get to decide what thing they want to show the world. So enjoy there videos and more. And please post what you think in our blog. Thank you.

Songs From Our Viewers

OK. Since the winner Toral98 won she gets to pick what music she wants the whole world to listen to. She picked "Hypnotize".It's a good song and I loved it. So enjoy for the people who have not heard of this! And enjoy 5,000 people who go on this website everyday. And it is true. ENJOY!!!

Opps!!! Sorry about that. We are having some technical difficulties. So please enjoy this other video. It is called "Stronger". And also we are very sorry Toral98 that your pick did not work. And I hope you too will enjoy you second pick. Thank - You!

Oh my gosh!!! We are really super sorry but right now are videos are not working so we are going to change them. I hope you like them. And we are sorry Toral98.

Our Paint Contest

We are having a Paint Contest. All you have to do is go in paint and paint a picture. Then save the picture and send it to our blog. Then we will judge your paintings. You can paint where ever you like. You can even paint your own picture for real and take a picture of it and then load it on your computer and then send it to us. Which ever way you like. We don't care. So have a full chance of being famous, like me. And since we have over 3,000 people visit, you have even a better chance. So do it. Really!!! Thank - You! P.S. Look at the bottom for a example!


Hi! This is our example. This is what you can do. But you can do it however you like. We re not making any topics on what picture you have to make. This is a free style. So enjoy making whatever you like. And please do not use this to picture for your painting. It has to be made only by you. No one else. And also look for the rules if you need help or need other info. Thank - You and have fun. This is your painting and no one has the right to steal your way. So have fun!!! Thank - You!        - Owner of iSplashFace

Painting Contest Winner

Ok here is the winner who the the Paint Contest. We do not know her name, BUT SHE A AWESOME PAINTING!!! We had over 3,000 people enter it, and she was the lucky one. So give a big hand to her. Ok thanks for entering and I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

Sorry guys. The pohoto that she did will not come out right on here. So she wants to put her favorite cartoon!!! WINNIE THE POOH!!! AWW!!! That is so cute!!!