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Sun vs. Moon vs. Stars

Sun vs. Moon vs. Stars

Elixa: I am the Sun.

Lauren: I am the Moon.

Belle: I am the Stars up in the sky.

Elixa: The Sun is important because it gives us light.

Lauren: The Moon is important because it give us light at night.

Belle: The Stars are important because they support the Moon.

Elixa: If we didn't have Sun, crops won't grow and animals will die.

Lauren: The Moon takes away all your stress.

Belle: You can connect the stars and make a picture.

Elixa: The Sun is the brightest AND biggest star in the universe.

Lauren: If you look at the Sun, you will go blind. But if you look at the moon, nothing happens. You can look at it all night.

Belle: The stars and the smallest fireballs ever!

Elixa: Did you know our Sun is a big giant fireball?

Lauren: Did you know if the Sun ran out of gas our moon wouldn't shine ever?

Belle: If the Sun ran out of gas, then the stars could shine instead.

Elixa: Forget it! Sun is the best!

Lauren: No Moon!

Belle: Stars!

Elixa: Sun!

Lauren: Moon!

Belle: Stars!

Elixa: And that was our "Debate"!

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Topic: Lavender Linen Spray

Here at iSplash Face, we sometimes do crazy things. For example, today, we are going to be talking about lavender linen spray. Can it get more crazy than that? Actually, it will, next week, on the next topic. But for right now, please enjoy the 5 to 10 mintute read on lavneder linen spray:
Linen spray, what is it used for? Excellent question. Coming with different scents, most common with lavender, it is used for your pillow when you go to sleep at night.
Why pillows? Are pillows that special to recieve the stuff? Hmm... very picky yet another good question. Pillows of course give comfort to our head during the hours of out sleep. Without it, out head would feel uncomfortable flat on the bed. Now, back to the linen spray. Lavender is a high plant and scent that can make you feel very sleepy. This definition porbably now answers your question, but my further explanation is not done yet. After you spray it on your pillow and climb into bed, you will have a higher chance of falling aslepp faster becuase you are inhaing the scent directly from your pillow. WARNING: DO NOT USE ON YOURSELF (SUCH AS CLOTHES AND FACE) UNLESS YOU WANT TO SLEEP OR BE SLEEPY IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS OR SOMEPLACE ELSE. USE WITH CAUTION. Most sprays are probably hypo-allergenic, but just be careful when you use the product. Results may vary.

Is it good for your health? Now there is something worth answering. As said as before, results may vary. Some will get headaches for a few days, adjusting to the scent, while others will let their brains roam freely. Some people will like the scent, some people will not. It will work for some people quick, while it might take a little longer for others. And for some it actually might let them sleep, while for others it will not work at all. 
So you see, this friendly guide will help you decide and convince you that you need to buy lavender linen spray. If you are someone who has trouble going to sleep, try it today! ;)