Splash Face

Hello, welcome to Splash Face. This is the first ever website to have the word iSplash Face for a website name. I choose this name because it sounds cool. We talk about all sorts of stuff.  You can even share your own thing. How to do that is just post a post. Or you can just post a alarm post. But only post a alarm post only if it is a emergency. If you have any more questions or anything else then post a post. And please don't post to many. Thank-You.  - Owner

iSplash Face's Help and Info

Do you need help getting around in this website? Well I have it right here!!! Just post a question and I will answer it. Like for example: Excuse me, why don't you have any more pages? Reply: It is because I have just started this website. It's just like that. All done!!! That is all you have to do. Easy and simple. So stick around for some more stuff that will be coming in!!! Thanks. - Owner of iSplash Face

Weekly iSplash Face News

1. iSplash Face news: Sun Splash opens at a NEW TIME. From now on whatever Sun Splash you go to, stay there how LONG you want. Sun Splash now has NIGHT SPLASH! Do you get it? SUN Splash and NIGHT Splash? So if you want more water then go to Sun Splash at night too!! P.S. The Night Splash is not free. So you will have to pay like Sun Splash. - Owner or iSplash Face. If you have already heard of this news then I am sorry.

Weekly iSplash Face Weather

Want to know what the real weather is at your place right now? Well we have it right here. I will only say one place's weather. So if you didn't get your choice then  just post a post and we might have it for you.  I will tell you which place I will say. And it is...... AZ or Arizona, Mesa. Well for there weather it will be . HOT, HOT, HOT, in the morning, and almost in the after noon. In the middle of the after noon it will  start to get a little WINDY with some STORM CLOUDS coming, so hang on TIGHT!!! And in the night time it might SETTLE DOWN or there will be a STORM. This is going to happen for only this week. And that is our Weekly iSplash Face Weather! - Owner of iSplash Face

Weekly iSplash Face's Environment Tips

1. iSplash Face's Environment Tips: Pick up TRASH you see and throw it away, use LESS WATER, RECYCLE, PLANT MORE PLANTS, and last but not least, RESPECT THE EARTH. And that is our Weekly iSplash Face's Environment Tips. - Owner of iSplash Face

*Back to School*

Are you going back to school in maybe a couple of weeks? Then I have some school tips for you. Here they are. Tips: Focus on school then games, TV, and computer. Don't chew your pencil in class. Listen to the teacher nicely. Don't fight with your friends. And tons tons more. That was just a little of them. There will be more soon. - Owner of iSplash Face

Voting Bar

This is the bar where you get to vote. Vote for your favorite picture, video, and MORE! How to do that is post it in our blog. When you post it, post it like this: Picture: *****. Like that. If you think it's a 5 star then put 5 stars. Bye and have a great time voting. Also, want us to show the whole world your pictures, videos, and more? Then post that stuff in our blog and have a chance to put your pictures and videos online for the whole world to see!!! We have lots of people coming here and posting stuff. And that is why I have to delete some of them. So if you want to show the whole world you things then post it in our blog. We have more then 1,000 people a week coming to our website. So hurry!!! Thanks. P.S Now it turned about 2,000 to 3,000 people come to our website. Well really it's 3,000 people come here a week. Anyway, thanks!!! And also get a chance for everyone to listen to your favorite SONG!!! Thanks. And in our blog we have over 4,000 people posting stuff and that is why there is less now, because I deleted most of them. And I told them to stop posting to many. Anyways, try it!!!!

Competition Bar

This is where we announce the winners and other stuff. You probably have heard of the " Get Everyone to Listen to Your Favorite Song". We had more than 3,000 people enter in it. And only 1 person won it. And that person is....... . Do you really want to hear it? Don't be jealous or anything, ok? Thanks. So the winner is......... Toral98!!! She is the one who won! Let's give her a big hand. Enjoy with your favorite song's on here Toral98! - Owner of iSplash Face

New iClaire and Sydney Show!

(The link of the last iClaire episode was broken so I replaced it with this other really funny and cute version.)Ok. Guess what??!! Theres this girl named Claire and she made a weird and kinda awesome webcast. We have one too but ours is going to come out soon.  Watch the first ever web show of iClaire!

Jeanne Duprua Books

The City of Ember

Here is the book of The City of Ember. It is a awesome book. You should read it. It might be small but oh well. And also I am not sure if it has all the pages in it. So enjoy! And you can also listen to some parts of it too!!!

The People of Sparks

You can read or listen to some parts the second book of Ember right here.

The Prophet of Yonwood

This is the 3rd book of Ember. It doesn't tell anything about Lina or Doon, but it does talk about real cool stuff. Here you can read or listen to some parts or the book.

The Diamond of Darkhold

This is the fourth and final book of The City of Ember. You cannot read this, but you can listen to parts of it.